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Welcome to our comprehensive collection of after-market replacement parts designed for optimal performance in various compressor brands. Explore our range of air filters, oil filters, air oil separators, and complete service kits. Each product is a reliable solution crafted to meet the demands of industrial environments. Enhance the efficiency and longevity of your compressors with our quality replacement parts.

Air filters

Air Intake Filter Elements

High Efficiency Pleated Media Filter Element. The first line of defense against solid particles. About 80% of solid contaminants are removed. Timely replacement of air filters will protect your equipment and systems and save you substantially in risk of down-time and component replacement costs over the life of your compressed air system.

Oil Filters

Oil Filter Elements

Top quality replacement oil filters for air compressors that meet and/or exceed the original OEM quality, specifications, and performance - to filter out any dirt from the oil like sand, dust or small pieces of metal which will wear-down rotating parts for example bearings, rotors, casing, valves, orifices. The air compressor oil filter protects all moving parts from breaking down

Oil Separators

Air Oil Separator

Oil lubricated rotary screw air compressors mix oil with the intake air to lubricate the compressor's screws and seal the tiny gap between housing. Air/oil separator separates compressed air from compressor oil. The compressor lubricant collect at the bottom of the separator tank and the compressed air flows to outlet pipe. A standard rotary screw separator reduces the lubricant entrained in the compressed air to 3 ppm, and pressure differential of below 0.5 bar. Under normal operating conditions an oil separator's service life is 4,000 to 6,000 operating hours.

Filter Kits

Filter Kits

Service kits contain all the parts needed as part of a scheduled maintenance available for all standard models