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Compressed air generation and treatment

Discover our wide range of compressed air system components - compressors, dryers, air filtration, tools, parts & accessories and services essential for achieving energy efficiency in compressed air systems and best practice. To your business advantage of reduce operating costs, improve the operation and performance of equipment and improve environmental outcomes.

fini screw compressor

Air Compresor - compressed air generation

angstrom refrigeration air dryer

Air Dryer - compressed air treatment

air filter

Air Filter - compressed air filtration & purification

Air tank, spare parts, air powered tools, equipment and accessories

We strive to excel and maintain a high quality services of prompt delivery, competitive pricing and products training when required. The objective of spare parts management is to ensure the availability of spares for maintenance and repairs of the plant and machinery as and when required at an optimum cost. Also, the spares are to be of right quality.

air receiver tank

Air Receiver Tank - storage

Rotary Screw Compressor Filter Kit

Spares & Service Parts - to minimize production loss due to downtime

air tools and pneumatic tools and accessories

Air/Pneumatic Tools - for fastening, drilling, cutting, sanding, grinding, polishing, and pumps


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"to help customers reduce compressed air consumption, improved safety, solved compressed air pressure problem, improved compressed air system management and control. provide training to technicians and provide energy efficent solutions so as to achieve a better quality of life"