Filmax Pro-Series Compressed Air Line Filters:
Superior Filtration Solutions


FILMAX PRO-Series offers a comprehensive range of high-efficiency compressed air filters, including coalescing, dust, and oil/odor removal filters, essential for eliminating contaminants in compressed air systems.

Company Mission:

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Company Vision:

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Elevate the purity of your compressed air with Filmax Pro-Series filters. Our cutting-edge filtration solutions deliver unparalleled performance, removing impurities and ensuring optimal air quality for your applications.

Technical Specifications

Filmax Pro Housing Internal structure filter element filter media

Technical specifications are based on nominal operating conditions of 7 barg at 20°C. Maximum operating conditions include inlet air pressure at 16 barg and inlet air temperature at 80°C.

Filter model Conn. BSP-F Flow scfm Element A B C D wt. Kg
FP12 1/2" 48 E12 87 212 60 21 1.1
FP18 3/4" 75 E18 87 272 80 21 1.2
FP30 1.5" 125 E30 126 288 100 34 2.8
FP50 1.5" 205 E50 126 377 120 34 3.2
FP80 1.5" 323 E80 166 480 140 34 3.9
FP105 2" 490 E105 166 580 150 50 9.4
FP150 2" 630 E150 166 715 180 50 11.3
FP200 2.5" 920 E200 166 950 770 50 13.9


  • Low lifetime cost
  • Minimal air pressure loss for energy savings, suitable for all air applications and compressor types
  • Compliance with ISO 8573-1 (2001) air quality standards
  • High-quality materials ensuring standards compliance
  • ISO 12500-1:2007 validated

Filtration Grades:

  • GRADE X3: 3 micron Prefilter
  • GRADE X1: 1 micron Coalescing filters
  • GRADE XA: 0.01 micron High efficiency coalescing filter
  • GRADE XAC: Activated Carbon filter for odor and vapor removal

Connection size ranges from 1/2" to 2 1/2" BSP-F, with flow rates from 48 to 920 scfm.

Compatible Replacement Filter Element

Experience exceptional performance with our compatible replacement filter elements, offering significant cost savings without compromising quality. We offer custom-made elements upon request for tailored solutions.

Available for leading brands including ATLAS COPCO, AFE, ALUP, ABAC, and more.

Housing Features

  • Innovative Design: Improved air flow rate with a smooth curve design
  • Minimum Pressure Loss: Carefully engineered to minimize pressure loss
  • Easy Element Change: Push-fitted filter elements for hassle-free replacement
  • Anti-Corrosion Aluminum Housing: Powder-coated for corrosion resistance
  • OEM Customization: Support for customized specifications

Element Features:

  • High Efficiency Drainage Layer: Polyester needle felt material for aggressive environments
  • Double O-Ring Fitting: Ensures air-tight seal
  • Large Filtration Area: Pleated filter media for higher dirt holding retention
  • End Caps and Filter Media Support: Corrosion-resistant end caps and stainless steel support sleeve

Consistent and Accurate Selection of Filtration Media: Borosilicate micro-glass fiber construction for effective filtration and high dirt holding capacity.