Quality Air Receiver Tanks for Compressed Air Systems in Malaysia

Air Receiver Tank Accessories:

electronic timer autodrain valve

Timer Auto Drain Valve

  • Work pressure:16bar
  • Adj time:0.5-10 sec
  • Adj interval:0.5-45min.
  • Connection:½"BSP
  • Power supply:240VAC,50Hz
  • Brass valve with strainer
pressure gauge 0-16 bar

Pressure Gauge

  • Pressure:0-16 bar
  • Dial size:4-inch
  • Connection:¼"BSP
  • Calibration certificate on request
safety valve 150 psi

Safety Valve

  • Pre-set pressure:150 ps
  • Connection:¾" to 1"BSPT
  • Calibration certificate on request

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Product Information

  • Manufactured to ASME Code Pressure Vessel Design
  • JKKP (DOSH) Approved
  • Internal Surface Coated & External Surface Finished
  • Multiple Outlets
  • Standard accessories: safety valve, pressure gauge, drain valve, fittings

Additional information

  • Design to customers requirements
  • Internal & External epoxy coating
  • Stainless steel
  • Non Destructive Test (NDT)
  • PMT application or renewal
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Air Receiver Maintenance

Technical Details

Vertical Tanks

  • Capacity (litre): 40 to 2000
  • Design pressure: 150psi to 220psi
  • Inlet connection: 1½"BSPT to 4" BSPT
  • Outlet connection: 1" BSPT to 4" BSPT
  • Standard accessories: safety valve, pressure gauge, drain valve, fittings
  • Hand-hole or Man-hole available on request
  • PMT application, preventive maintenance, NDT test
  • Air tank installation

Horizontal Tanks
  • Standard capacity (litres): 30L, 50L, 100L, 180L, 250L,300L, 400L, 500L
  • Design pressure- Low Pressure (LP): 150 psi; High Pressure (HP): 220 psi
  • Standard accessories: safety valve, pressure gauge, drain valve, fittings
  • PMT application, preventive maintenance, NDT test.
  • Air tank installation


An air receiver tank is an integral part of any compressed air system. A properly sized and installed air receiver acts as a temporary storage to buffer between the compressor and the fluctuating pressure caused by the changing demand. Without a receiver tank installed in your air system, your compressor load and unload cycles will be very high and thus cause your compressor to work very hard. An air receiver - minimizes pressure fluctuation in your air system; it provides storage to meet short term peak air demands that the compressor cannot meet; it helps to reduce energy consumption of your compressed air system by enabling load/unload (fixed speed) compressors to operate on a longer cycle and with tighter pressure bands. It optimizes the running efficiency of your plant.