Air Receiver Tank (ASME)

An air receiver tank is an integral part of any compressed air system. A properly sized and installed air receiver acts as a temporary storage to buffer between the compressor and the fluctuating pressure caused by the changing demand. Without a receiver tank installed in your air system, your compressor load and unload cycles will be very high and thus cause your compressor to work very hard. An air receiver - minimizes pressure fluctuation in your air system; it provides storage to meet short term peak air demands that the compressor cannot meet; it helps to reduce energy consumption of your compressed air system by enabling load/unload (fixed speed) compressors to operate on a longer cycle and with tighter pressure bands. It optimizes the running efficiency of your plant.

Standard Features

Other Features

Vertical Air Receiver Tank

Horizontal Air Receiver Tank

Air Tank Accessories

electronic timer autodrain valve

Timer Auto Drain Valve

• Working pressure: 16 bar
• Adj time: 0.5 - 10 seconds
• Adj interval: 0.5 - 45 min.
• Connection: ½" BSP
• Power supply: 240VAC, 50Hz
• Brass valve with strainer

pressure gauge 0-16 bar

Pressure Gauge

• Pressure: 0-16 bar
• Dial size: 4"
• Connection: ¼" BSP
• Calibration certificate available on request

safety valve 150 psi

Safety Valve

• Set pressure: 150 psi
• Connection: ¾" or 1" BSP
• Calibration certificate available on request