Lubrication Oil for Reciprocating Air Compressor

Why Rotaoil RC8?

Discover the preferred mineral-based oil engineered for peak performance in reciprocating air compressors. RotaOil RC8 ensures optimal lubrication, minimizing wear, and maximizing efficiency, providing superior care for your compressor.

About this product

RotaOil is a high-quality compressor oil designed to enhance protection and performance in reciprocating air compressors. The mineral base oil, combined with performance additives, improves resistance to wear, oxidation, and rust while promoting high system efficiency. This extends your air compressor's life, reduces maintenance costs, and adds value to your operation.

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Rotaoil RC8- Highly Refined Mineral Base Oil-Specially Designed Additive Package- ISO VG100 - for Reciprocating Air Compressor

rotaoil rc8 rotaoil rc8
Rota oil technology

Key Features

  • Precise Distillation Range Ingenious blend of refined base oil ensures exceptional oxidation stability, reducing impurities and carbon residues. This leads to superior contamination prevention and a longer oil service life.
  • Superior Water Separation Experience unmatched resilience during extended operation periods.
  • Carbon and Deposit Management: Safeguard against fire and explosion risks by meticulously controlling carbon buildup and deposits.
  • Anti-Corrosion and Anti-Rust Properties: Acting as a powerful rust-preventive agent and corrosion inhibitor, Rota Oil counteracts corrosion caused by water and acidic byproducts.
Rota oil technology
Specially formulated additive package ideal for reciprocating air compressor
Piston compressor internal structure
Rotaoil protects against wear and tear, oxidation and rust of cylinder and crankcase

Tailored Application for Reciprocating Compressors

Designed exclusively for use in reciprocating air compressors, Rota Oil shines in both cylinder and crankcase applications. Its meticulously developed formula creates an unparalleled shield against wear and tear, oxidation, and rust. The innovative blend of expertly refined mineral base oil and high-performance additives empowers the oil to effectively combat these challenges, elevating system efficiency to new heights.

Available ISO Grade to Suit Your Needs

Choose from our selection of ISO grades: VG68 and VG100, tailored to your specific requirements.

Convenient Packaging Option

Our 4L bottle packaging ensures practicality and ease of use.

Elevate Your Air Compressor's Potential ith Rota Oil

Experience improved efficiency, extended operational life, and minimized maintenance costs, all in one comprehensive solution. Make the smart choice for your operational value – make the switch to Rota Oil today. Your air compressor will thank you.