Compressed Air System Services & Maintenance

Compressed Air System Best Practices

It is our objective to help customer achieve optimum compressed air efficiency, minimum downtime, reduce operating costs, improve the operation and performance of equipment and improve environmental outcomes. Our services cover from design, installation, maintenance, repair and overhaul of compressed air components.

Compressor Air-end Overhaul

Overhaul Mattei Air-end Overhaul Hitachi Air-end Boge air-end
Ingersoll-rand air-end Ingersoll-rand air-end Ingersoll-rand air end

Preventive Maintenance or Contract Service

Minimize corrective and breakdown maintenance, maximize the design life span of equipment, and improve plant reliability. Preventive maintenance program result in the greatest benefit within the available budget.

preventive maintenance

Electric Motor Rewinding

Repairing of electric motors when the winding fails is known as ‘Rewinding’, ie. unwinding the old rotor and stator windings and replace it with new ones.It can be a cost-effective option especially when its much more cheaper than buying a new motor of same capacity

motor rewinding motorrewinding

Compressed Air Pipe Installation & Electrical Wiring

Install the right compressed air pipe, avoid pressure loss, Drop and Drip Legs with automatic trap or drain valve

Compressed air pipe installation Electrical Wiring

Summary of Best Practices

Rental of Air Compressor and Trade in

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