Screw compressor oil


Using the right lubricant is crucial in maintaining the performance and efficiency of your compressor. Oil has a a number of very important functions:
• Removes heat from the compression
• Works as a sealant to prevent air leakage (which would lower the efficiency of the compressor)
• Lubricates all moving parts
• Cools important parts of the compressor element

Daphne Super Screw Compressor Oil

Daphne Super Screw Compressor Oil Series is a range of super long life screw compressor oil formulated with highly refined mineral base oil formulated and carefully selected additives including the antioxidant for high temperature. Especially, it has super long oil service life with excellent oxidation stability, it is not affected by external contaminants such as oil mist or deteriorated residue etc. of cutting lubricant.


It is formulated for screw type of compressor with super long oil service life.


Available ISO grade

VG32, VG46, VG68

Packing Size

20L Pail & 200L Drum