Angstrom Refrigeration Air Dryer

For effective removal of moisture in compressed air filtration system:

High Inlet Air Temperature - HT Series

Air leaving the compressor is 100% saturated with water vapour. This water vapour will condense throughout the compressed air system as cooling occurs, causing corrosion of the distribution piping system, reduced efficiency of manufacturing processes, contaminate or damage finished products. Refrigeration dryers remove this moisture by cooling the compressed air, condensing the water and effectively draining it from the drain valve, thus removing water from the system. Angstrom efrigeration dryers provide air quality in accordance with ISO 8573.1 and ensure the performance and reliability of compressed air system.

Product Features

Application industries, manufacturing processes:

Technical Specifications
model Rated Airflow
Power Supply
Refrigerant Air Connection
Dimensions Approx.
Wt. Kg
RH-6 HT 1.1 230V/1Ph/50 R134a G1/2" 490*380*480 30
RD12HT 2.1 230V/1Ph/50 R134a G3/4" 570*430*855 65
RD24HT 3.8 230V/1Ph/50 R134a G1" 700*430*915 75
RD36HT 5.1 230V/1Ph/50 R134a G1" 700*430*915 80
RD50HT 7.5 230V/1Ph/50 R134a G1-1/2" 850*550*1110 125
RD65HT 9.7 230V/1Ph/50 R134a G1-1/2" 850*550*1110 135
RD88HT 11.4 230V/1Ph/50 R134a G1-1/2" 850*550*1110 153
RD110HT 14.5 380V/3Ph/50 R407c G2" 1070*600*1190 183

Working conditions

The above data is rated at the following conditions:

Air Inlet Temperature: 42°C

Ambient temperature: 35°C

Air Inlet Pressure: 7 barg