Process Condensate Drains

Even the smallest amount of liquid condensate, if carried through the compressed air network can cause serious damage to apparatus and processes. It is important that all condensate is completely removed from the compressed air system. Angstrom range of electronic capacitive drains, zero-loss mechanical drains and timer drains are guarantee efficient way to remove all the condensate and impurities in your compressed air system.

mechanical auto drain


  • Inlet/outlet conn.: G½
  • Max. op. temp.: 100°C,
  • max. work pres.: 16 barg
  • Capacity: 0.4 to 0.8 (Nm³/min)
  • Manual drain valve for system discharge
  • Large cross section outlet opening minimizes changes of blockage

No need for electrical supply. Manual drain valve is fitted for checking system discharge. Large cross section outlet valve opening minimizes the chance of blockage.

Timer auto drain valve


  • Adj. interval: 0.5-45 mins
  • Discharge time: 0.5-10 secs
  • Power supply: 230V/ 50Hz
  • Capacity: 0.4 to 0.8 (Nm³/min)
  • Large inlet & outlet ports prevent blockages
  • c/w strainer and manual drain valve

Automatically discharge the condensate according to the set time. Compact size. Fitted with a strainer on the inlet side to prevent blockage. Large inlet and outlet ports to avoid blockage.

zero loss electronic drain


  • Max. compressor performance: 2.5-1000 Nm³/min
  • Max. dryer performance: 5-2000 Nm³/min
  • Max. filter performance: 25-900 Nm³/min
  • Max. work pres. : 16 barg

Easy top or rear inlet connection. No programming or calibration required. Alarm lamp warns the user if the condensate cannot be discharged, protecting the system from contamination.


Industrial chiller


  • Air-cooled models:3022 - 142370 kcal/hr
  • Water-cooled models: 6950-142370 kcal/hr
  • Power: 230V,  415V
  • Water pump: 0.4-7.5 Kw
  • Water flow: 40-500 L/min
  • Water tank cap.: 30-450 L

Compact and require the minimum installation floor space. With a condensing unit, heat exchanger water pump, tank and all the electrical and refrigeration components housed in one box panel as an integral part for easy control and maintenance.

Compressed air after-cooler


  • Air-cooled & Water cooled 
  • Capacity: 0.6-150 Nm³/min
  • Power: 230V or  415V
  • Rated power: 38W - 3KW
  • Air connection: G½ -G2
  • Water conn. : G1¼ - G3

Aftercoolers are installed in compressed air systems to reduce compressed air temperature and moisture content.

water separator


  • Flow cap.:2.4 - 432 Nm³/min
  • Port size: G½ - G3

Remove bulk water from your compressed air. Over 90% of bulk water can be easily and economically removed by installing and engineered Water Separator..