NANO Ultra High Purity Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen is used in many commercial and industrial applications to improve the quality of a product or process or as a safety measure to prevent combustion. Liquid or bottled nitrogen delivery and storage can be expensive, unreliable and a safety concern. Nitrogen gas generators allow users to produce nitrogen in-house simply and inexpensively using an existing compressed air system. NANO recognizes the importance of having a safe, reliable and cost-effective supply of high-purity nitrogen. We have developed the GEN2 PSA nitrogen gas generator to meet the increasing demand for high quality complete packaged solutions which save energy and time while fulfilling the needs of their intended application.

NANO Advanced Technology - Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) System

Below are the components of PSA system:

  1. compressor
  2. wet air receiver
  3. water separator
  4. pre filters
  5. dryer
  1. generator
  2. buffer vessel
  3. buffer vessel filter
  4. nitorgen outlet


Ultra-high Purity Nitrogen Generators - 95% to 99.999%


  • guaranteed performance
    • reliable performance based on decades of experience with pressure swing adsorption technology
    •100% function and performance tested at our factory
  • rapid return on investment
    • significant cost savings over cylinder or liquid supply provides a typical return on investment of less than 24 months
  • easy to install
    • the compact design allows installation in spaces too small for twin tower generator systems
  • Safe & reliable
    • eliminates the safety hazards of transporting and storing pressurized gas cylinders or liquid nitrogen
  • environmentally friendly
    • lower air consumption and refined controls provide greater energy efficiency
    • reduces carbon footprint by eliminating gas delivery to your facility
  • easy to maintain
    • advanced PLC with HMI touch screen controls simplify operation and require minimal training
    •innovative piston valves significantly reduce maintenance schedules and minimize downtime
  • fits any application
    • maximum design operating pressure of 10 barg (16 barg available)
    • available in a wide range of flow rates and purities from 95% - 99.999%
    • can handle any power supply from 100 to 240 VAC in 50 or 60 Hz, 24VDC optional
  • design quality
    • mass flow controller - ensures correct set pressure and flow
    • integral oxygen analyzer - continuously measures gas purity
    • purity guarantee valve - automatically vents off out of specification gas
    • remote monitoring - enables connection to proprietary remote management and generator control systems

Nitrogen Generators Applications:

• Food & Beverages
• Chemical
• Electronics
• Pharmaceutical
• Plastics
• Laser

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