Compressed air is an important source of energy that is widely used throughout industry. This safe and reliable utility is often the most important part of a production process.

However, atmospheric air contains water vapor, which condenses to water droplets when the compressed air cools. Water and dirt in compressed air causes a major inconvenience and cost to the user, as it may damage the equipment connected to the compressor. At the same time, moisture and heat from the compression of the air create favorable conditions for growth of microorganisms. If the compressed air is in direct contact with human beings, animals, food or medical equipment, hygiene problems may arise.


ALL of the problems associated with the contamination of compressed air can be avoided by installing a Angstrom ultra high purity, desiccant air dryer at the point of application.

The Angstrom dryer has been designed with the end user in mind, Using modern materials and incorporating new patented features; the dryers deliver high quality compressed air with increased reliability, lower running costs and simplified maintenance procedures

Modular Heatless Dryer


Patented Filter/Desiccant Cartridge (one per column) up to NDL-130

• Water separation, inlet and outlet filtration integrated into cartridge (eliminate up to 3 external filters and drains).

• Snow storm filled to maximized performance.

• Inlet filtration facilitates good flow distribution, lowering pressure loss.

• Simplified maintenance procedures.

Versatile Mounting Feet

Can be rotated 90° for wall mounting

Solenoid Valve System

The solenoid operated diaphragm valves have proven performance and reliability

High Tensile Extrude Aluminum Column

Anodized for corrosion protection

Energy Saving Option

A dew point sensor is incorporated within the dryer design, providing the ultimate in energy saving.

Constant monitoring of the outlet dew point enables load dependent control for adsorption cycle times are adjusted to the actual water load with varying inlet conditions, saving regeneration (purge) air.

PLC Control

• Robust, reliable control system, offering a number of features including indicators for "power on", "service required" and "hours run".

• Memory retention- starts dryer where it left off in the drying cycle to prevent wet air downstream.

• Starts and stops the dryer, controlled by a compressor or point-of-use equipment to eliminate purge loss when off.

• Allows the dryer to be stopped and energy saved with a compressor or other equipment is not operational.

Technical Data

Model: NDL010 - NDL6130

Inlet Flow Rate: 3-1110 scfm

Connection (BSPP): G3/8 to G2


• ISO8573-1:2001 Quality Classes: Class 2, dirt: 1 micron. Water: -40°C PDP

• Min. working pressure: 4 barg

• Max. working pressure: 10barg, 12barg, 12barg

• Power supply: 240VAC, 50Hz

• Min. inlet temperature: 1.5 °C

• Max. inlet temperature: 50 °C

Heatless Air Dryer


• PSA fixed 10-minute cycle (energy saving variable cycle AutoDew available as option)

• Extensive range of low capacities from 110 to 20,000 m³/h

• High performance desiccant

• Universal 120/240 V power supply

• Pressure range 5 to 11 barg (higher pressure operation available)

• Standard dew point -40°C (-20°C and -70 °C available)

BP- Blower Regenerated Air Dryer


• TSA (energy saving variable cycle AutoDew available as option)

• Extensive range of low capacities from 430 to 14,700 m³/h

• Zero purge loss

• Optimized layered desiccant

• Electric heater and centrifugal blower at 380/460/600 V

• Standard dew point -40°C (-20°C and -70 °C available)

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