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Product categories:

Compressed Air generation

Fusheng compressor
Fusheng Air Compressors:

Elevate Your Compressed Air Generation With Precision.

Compressed Air Treatment:

nano direct expansion refrigeration air dryer
NANO Air Dryers:

Keep Your Air Dry for Efficient Operation

Filtration & Purification:

air filter
FILMAX Pro-Series Filters:

Ensure Pure and Clean Compressed Air

Compressed Air Storage:

air receiver
Local Air Receivers JKKP Approved:

Explore our local air receivers, proudly made in Malaysia and JKKP approved. Sizes range from 30L-2000L.

Process Condensate Drains:

autodrain accessories
Condensate Autodrain Valves:

Efficiently manage your process condensate with our drain solutions.


spare parts
Service and Maintenance Essentials:

Ensure the longevity of your equipment with our high-quality aftermarket service kits, designed to keep your compressors running smoothly.

Components and Accessories:

Essential Accesories & Components:

Discover the accessories and components you need to fine-tune and maintain your air compressor system for peak performance.

SP Air Tools & Accessories:

SP tools
Precision and Reliable Tools

Top-quality air tools with exceptional torque, durability, and precision, SP Air Tools deliver the performance you demand. Elevate your industrial tasks with tools designed for excellence.

Air Compressor Oil

Rotaoil RC8 Compressor Oil
RotaOil RC8

A premium air compressor oil ensures optimal performance and longevity. Specially formulated for industrial applications, it provides superior lubrication, reducing wear and enhancing efficiency. Trust RC8 for reliability in every compression cycle."